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In the heart of Tuscany, Pisa and Lucca are two precious treasures of Italian art and culture, which are unique in the world.

Go through the pages of my website and find your favourite itinerary for your stay. I am an official tourist guide http://www.agttoscana.it/ and I will show you these lands and theirs beauties. An official tourist guide is a guarantee of expertise, proficiency, respect of the client and knowledge of territory.

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Me I was born in Livorno ( Leghorn ). My mother is from Florence and my father is from Pisa, so there is an important piece of my region’s history in my Dna. However, a large part of my heart beats for France, the country I lived and worked in for several years (I also was the “ambassador” of Pisa in its French twin town, Angers ). Another piece of my heart beats for Russia, a country I have started to love since I was at University.
In order to connect the interest I have in these two countries and their cultures with my culture, I decided to live in Tuscany and showing its beauties to all the travellers who will follow me and listen to me.


During the twelve years of work as a Tourist Guide I met some really special customers who have left traces in my career. Among them, I like to remember ...

In May 2007. The agents of the Russian tour operator TURPARADE  Exler.ru 

In September 2008. I was part of the delegation that welcomed in Pisa Ingrid Betancourt after her liberation from the FARC

In October 2008. The journalists of the Russian magazine MESONIN

In September 2014. I had the pleasure of translating Giampiero Lucchesi in BONS BAISERS DE ... program recorded for RTS Radio Télévision Suisse & and presented in the Italian newspaper La Nazione Pisa August 5, 2014.

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