“Volterra, a beautiful city: Etruria, Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance; wall, gates, towers, palaces carved in the yellow hard sandstone; museum, gallery, cathedral; a marble, pottery, wooden statues, Senese and Florentine painted panels treasure. Beautiful city that the mystery of its two, three, four, five civilisations superimposed make unforgettable” Ugo Ottieri, Corriere della Sera, 1922

It is impossible to describe Volterra, Volterra has to be visited. The town seems timeless. It is 550 above the sea level and is enclosed between the Cecina river valley to the South-west and the Era river valley to the North-east. Volterra offers to its visitors the pleasure of discovering its history from the Bronze Age up to present time (through Etrurian and Roman period, Middle Age and Renaissance, Italian Resistance movement,…). Just walking around you will notice its rich history under your eyes and the visit of its museums will turn you back in the past. The shop and store will remind you the crafts and flavours of the ancient town.


HALF DAY TOUR: the tour guide is at your disposal for maximum three hours, starting from the time that guide and visitors agreed for the appointment.
The length of the tour may differ according to the different itineraries the client agrees with the guide. A customized tour may be created on request, starting from classic tours showed in this website: www.visitapisa.com .
There is also the opportunity of booking a tasting of local typical products or a full meal.

A walking tour through the most important sites: the Porta all’Arco, gate in the walls, summarize the whole history of the town, from Etrurian period up to present time; the Piazza San Giovanni: religious heart of the town in the medieval period, with the baptistery and the Cathedral full of ancient sculptures and paintings; the Piazza dei Priori, the political town center in the past and, today, the location of the most important folk events; but also the tower houses, the Roman theatre and the thermae, the streets of the town center with the palaces of the Renaissance, the Parco Enrico Fiumi (in the past, this green area of the town was the place of the Acropoli and the Florentine fortress).



Two special months to visit Volterra: day by day Volterra gets ready to celebrate the ancient tradition of the TIRO DEL CERO. The procession is a part of the ceremonies that take place before the day of the final challenge for the conquest of precious candle on the Priori Place.

FESTIVAL VOLTERRA TEATRO, an international festival of theatre, music, dance, videos, poetry, art and culture directed by Armando Punzo. It take place in Volterra and the neighbour towns and it is an enjoyable occasion to spent an evening on a show under the open sky.

VOLTERRA AD1396. A feast day in the city as it was in the 14th century, with knights and ladies, craftsmen and merchants, flag-wavers and crossbowmen, jesters and musicians.

SEPTEMBER, the first week-end:
ASTILUDIO. A prestigious team of flag-weavers celebrate the fall of Pisa, defeated by its past ally Florence, in 1406.

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